Cabinet Doors Become Photo Display

“My neighbor had a huge stack of cabinet doors sitting at the curb,” says Laura of Live. Love. Scrap.  “When I saw them, I was so excited, I didn’t even wait for it to get dark before I started toting them home.  It took me three trips in the rain, but it was worth it!”

Live Love Scrap cupboard doors before

I absolutely love what Laura decided to do with three of those doors.  She and her husband attached them together with hinges, to create a trifold display.  Laura painted the center of the doors with chalkboard paint, and then attached twine to screws on the cupboard doors.  That combination created a delightful–and creative–way to display and label photos and momentos!  Isn’t that adorable?

Live Love Scrap cupboard doors after

You can learn more about this project at Live. Love. Scrap.

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  1. I just love this idea, Ive wanted a room divider for ages&Id definitely give it a try with the help of the info from here! Thank you for this, wonderful stuff…all of your posts are brilliant! Cheers JNK

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