Vintage Trunk Refreshed

At Better With Age, Jamie came across this old trunk at a garage sale.  She passed it up initially, but her husband convinced her that they should go pick it up at the end of the day if it was still there.  (Smart guy!)  It was there, so the trunk came home.

Better with Age trunk before

Initially, Jamie wasn’t sure what to do with the trunk.  She decided to paint it, but her husband didn’t want her to cover up the aged wood.  In the end, Jamie came up with a good compromise.  She refreshed the trunk with white paint, but left some of the original wood showing.  The effect is really beautiful–the perfect blend of old and new!

Better with Age trunk after

You can get more details on this makeover at Better With Age.


  1. This is just fabulous! Gorgeous piece of art! Thanks for sharing! {and pinning if you don’t mind?}

  2. This looks so cool! I am inspired to try something like this on one of my old trunks!

  3. Love this for a beach house – coffee table! Great job on the trunk : )

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