Toddler Chair Makeover

Tracie from The Bunch has a cute little toddler who didn’t love her high chair anymore.  Luckily, Great-Grandma had picked up these little chairs at a garage sale and passed them on to their family, so Tracie an her husband decided to use them to make a new spot for their daughter to enjoy her meals.

The Bunch Blog chairs before

The chairs didn’t have seats when they arrived, but that wasn’t a problem for Tracie.  Her husband crafted new seats from scrap wood.  He also built a darling table to match the chairs.  They finished the set with a two-tone combination of white paint and dark stain.  Obviously, Tracie’s daughter is thrilled with her new dining furniture!  I’m super impressed that those worn out chairs could turn into such a beautiful set.

The Bunch Blog chairs after

Find out more about this makeover at The Bunch.

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