Sweater Sleeve and Yogurt Cup Easter Baskets

Easter is coming up fast, so this idea from Susan at Organized 31 is very timely.  She figured out how to make sweet little Easter treat baskets from yogurt cups and sweater sleeves!

Organized 31 yogurt cups before

“I’d been saving these yogurt cups for a while.  Don’t know why, but I liked the size and shape of them,” Susan tells us.  The pretty ruffles on a thrift store sweater caught her eye, and it dawned on her that these items could be combined to make something special.  Tucking the yogurt cups into the sweater sleeves meant that Susan didn’t have to bother with paint or decoupage to give them a new life.  Smart!

Organized 31 yogurt cups after

You can learn more about this craft at Organized 31.

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