Silver Painted Herringbone Dresser

I see a lot of great dresser makeovers, but this one is really impressive.  Over at Honeybear Lane, Heidi took a frumpy, dated dresser and gave it a really imaginative, up-to-date makeover.

Honeybear Lane dresser before

Initially, the strong horizontal lines and 80’s styling kind of threw Heidi off.  Like so many are for me, her first attempt at a makeover was a fail.  Then, she looked at the dresser again and realized that those lines were the perfect base for a herringbone pattern!  I love the paint she chose–the silver and white together make the pattern subtle and elegant.  You’d never guess how this newly modern piece started out.

Honeybear Lane dresser after

Find out more about how Heidi made the herringbone pattern on this dresser at Honeybear Lane.

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8 thoughts on “Silver Painted Herringbone Dresser

  1. This is lovely – my three year old son is sitting beside me and he said it looks like tyre tracks and now that he’s said so I can see it and something like this would be absolutely perfect for his bedroom! Gorgeous, and stylish – good work – and so much patience!

  2. I thought you’d like to know that there is a really annoying Toys R Us ad hiding your copy at the top and there’s no way to close it. I don’t know if there’s a way you can let your sponsors know.

  3. Love it! I just finished a herringbone pantry and while it takes quite a bit of time, the end result is fantastic. You can check it out at

  4. That is a fantastic makeover! What a wonderful trick the Herringbone lines does on your eye, you don’t notice the 80’s style at all. I would have had a hard time with this one and probably put something over the drawers. Love the vision of everyone you feature here. I learn so much!

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