Reupholstered Slipper Chairs

Mary Anne of Purposely Reinvented came across these armless chairs on Craigslist.  No surprise that they were in the free section!

Purposely Reinvented chair before

Luckily Mary Anne saw their potential.  She salvaged as much of the old fabric as she could, to use as a pattern for the new upholstery.  She chose canvas drop cloths as the makeover fabric.  Once covered in new fabric, the chairs looked completely different!  They’ve got an incredible shape that was once hidden behind an ugly facade–now they are starting life again wearing gorgeous new clothes!

Purposely Reinvented chair after

Mary Anne has lots of upholstery tips that you can read at Purposely Reinvented.

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2 thoughts on “Reupholstered Slipper Chairs

  1. Love love love love love these – I’m always astounded at what people will throw away when a little work can make something truly beautiful out of it – these are perfection.

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