Pie Safe Transformed

Here’s a fun makeover from Christy of Planted and Blooming Girl.  She found this pie safe on the side of the road.  Even though Christy thought it looked just awful, she reasoned that it was solid wood and free, so there was no risk involved in trying to give it a makeover.

Planted and Blooming Girl pie safe before

At home with the pie safe, Christy started having second thoughts.  “It was so nasty I considered just dragging it back out to the street,” she admits, “but thought better of it, because then my neighbors would think had that in my house.  So either way I had to paint it.”  She spruced up the piece with additional molding, glass knobs, and a coat of gray-blue paint.  The broken glass cabinet doors were replaced with muslin.  It totally worked!  Now Christy has a pie safe to be proud of, that is functioning as handy toy storage in her home.

Planted and Blooming Girl pie safe after

You can read more about this makeover at Planted and Blooming Girl.

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6 thoughts on “Pie Safe Transformed

  1. Very good job! the only thing I am not really happy with is the choice of color, but I guess that depends on your personal taste. Looks very nice though.

    1. It’s awesome when you can use up paint that you already have on hand and make it look this good. Way to go!

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