New Backsplash from Old Fence Boards

At Marty’s Musings, Marty had a kitchen backsplash that had seen better days and no longer suited her kitchen decor.  Outside, she had a pile of wood salvaged from a neighbors old fence.  Marty and her husband figured out a way to transform both.

Marty's Musings backsplash before collage

And here’s where things get amazing:  the resourceful pair covered up the unsightly backsplash with the weathered wood boards.  The color variations in the old wood are perfect for tying together the colors of the existing countertops and cabinets in Marty’s kitchen.  It’s an unbelievably cool makeover that cost next to nothing!

Marty's Musings backsplash after

You can find out how to achieve a similar look for your kitchen at Marty’s Musings.

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8 thoughts on “New Backsplash from Old Fence Boards

  1. This is such a bad idea. Back splashes are supposed to be functional – as in easier to clean than a painted wall. This is just unhygienic.

    1. No such thing as a bad idea around here, Sheri! Considering the popularity of butcherblock countertops, I think there are a number of ways someone could treat a wood backsplash that could help it stay clean.

  2. So glad the rules for what is an acceptable material for kitchens and bath are out the door now. I love that she used reclaimed wood and it looks so fantastic now!

  3. We love it! GREAT idea!! Saying you shouldn’t use old wood for a back splash is like saying you shouldn’t use old wood for a table top!

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