Mid-Century Mod Cedar Chest

Marcie of Red Telly was out shopping with her husband when they came across this 1957 Lane cedar chest.  She loved the chest immediately, but almost walked away since she wasn’t sure where she would put it in their house.  But Marcie’s husband told her he knew she’d regret it if she didn’t get it, so with his encouragement, they brought it home.  (He sounds like a keeper, Marcie!)

Red Telly mid century cedar chest before

The blonde finish was pretty off-putting, so imagine how thrilled Marcie was to discover that underneath was a nice, wood veneer.  She gave it a coat of bright, white paint and sprayed the hardware so that it looked like oil rubbed bronze.  The completed chest has that simple, mid-century vibe that is complemented beautifully by the new white color.

Red Telly mid century cedar chest after

You can read more about this project at Red Telly.

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