Gold Dipped Bar Stools

Over at Honeybear Lane, Heidi has been working on projects for her daughter’s nursery.  She’s not revealing the whole room, yet, but she thought of a fun way to incorporate these two bar stools.

Honeybear Lane barstools before

Just how does one turn beat up but still useful bar stools into something feminine enough for a baby girl’s nursery?  Well, if you are Heidi, you start dipping into the paint.  Gold paint, that is!  Heidi painted the stools a luscious shade of raspberry pink, first, then dipped the legs into gold paint for a gilded effect.  She topped the seats with matching gold, as well.  Fun and elegant!

Honeybear Lane barstools after

Heidi provides a full tutorial for replicating these stools at Honeybear Lane.

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5 thoughts on “Gold Dipped Bar Stools

  1. Wow! Now this is something I would never have expected from those cheap bar stools! They look like something from an expensive art gallery now!

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