Dresser with a Rustic Makeover

Over at Fab Rehab Creations, Allison had been on the lookout for a good dresser she could put in her son’s new bedroom.  “Now, am I the only one who feels like thrift shops and Craigslist have become overrun with people who want to paint furniture? I mean, I love that people want to do this, but it is making it difficult to find decent pieces for cheap,” Allison laughs.

Fab Rehab Creations dresser before

Luckily, a friend had this old but sturdy dresser in her garage.  Even though one drawer was in pieces, it was the perfect size.  Allison decided to use baskets in place of the broken drawer, and went ahead with refinishing the dresser.  She gave it a rustic, two-tone effect, painting the body of the dresser gray and letting the natural wood shine on the dresser top and remaining drawers.  The wire baskets that Allison used in place of a drawer are perfect for this piece.  It’s a beautiful makeover.

Fab Rehab Creations dresser after

You can find out more about this dresser at Fab Rehab Creations.

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