Bi-fold Doors Into French Doors

Danielle from 2 Little Superheroes tells us, “My pantry bi-fold doors constantly fell off the track and never really worked for the space. I dreamed of finding an old vintage door and using that.”  But the vintage door proved to be hard to find.

2 Little Superheroes doors before

After two years of searching, Danielle decided that there had to be a way to make what she already had work.  She figured out how to take off the hinges from the bi-fold, and reattach it as two separately opening doors–french doors!  Painting those doors black and adding adorable new hardware added lots of personality and completed the transformation.  Way to rock what you’ve got, Danielle!

2 Little Superheroes doors after

Find out how Danielle changed these doors herself at 2 Little Superheroes.

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4 thoughts on “Bi-fold Doors Into French Doors

  1. Best idea to date for the folding doors that never seem to close properly. This really classes up these doors. Beautiful and clever!

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