Aqua Dresser with Ribbon Pulls

At Mom 4 Real, Jessica tells us, “There I was, driving to Target when I spotted this beauty and a matching vanity.  I pulled my car over so fast, I’m pretty sure I almost gave my daughter whiplash!”

Mom 4 Real ribbon handled dresser before

Jessica was able to muscle the two pieces into her SUV, and took them home for a complete makeover.  The dresser was perfect for the big-girl room her daughter had been longing for.  Painted in a pale shade of aqua blue, the dresser’s new look was almost complete, but the original handles were in terrible shape.  That’s when inspiration struck, Jessica says.  ” I raided my ribbon stash and ran back upstairs to give my idea a try…ribbon pulls!”  The ribbon pulls are a fun, feminine touch that perfectly complements this curvy dresser.

Mom 4 Real ribbon handled dresser after

You can read more about this makeover at Mom 4 Real.

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