Valentine Decor from Halloween Decor

This timely makeover comes from Jill of Create.Craft.Love.  Back in the fall, Jill had crafted a darling picture frame for Halloween.  Fast forward a few months, and she’s ready to do the same for Valentine’s Day.  But did she need to go get a new frame?  Nope!

Create Craft Love frame before

Since the first frame was decorated with washi tape–which doesn’t have the greatest adhesive qualities–Jill was able to un-decorate it.  Once she had a bare frame, Jill pulled out more washi tape that had the right look for Valentine’s Day, and covered the frame again!  With a few added embellishments, she’s been able to use the same frame to decorate for two distinctly different holidays.  Way to go, Jill!

Create Craft Love frame after

You can get more information on making an embellished picture frame like this one at Create.Craft.Love.

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