TV Console Becomes a Bar/Buffet

At Diary of a Preppy Mom, Whitney admits that her husband was more than a little embarrassed when she made him pull over and help her load this curbside find into their minivan.  Ugly as it was, the old TV cabinet was solid wood, and Whitney knew she could fix it up.

Diary of a Preppy Mom cabinet before

Whitney gave the ugly cabinet a fresh coat of pretty blue paint.  I thought it was interesting that she had the idea to add legs to the cabinet–a great idea, that really gives the piece a trendy bit of mid-century modern flair.  With it’s fresh, new look, the cabinet now has several purposes in Whitney’s home, functioning as a bar, a buffet cabinet, and a great place to keep recipe books and picnic supplies.  What a transformation!

Diary of a Preppy Mom cabinet after

You can learn more about this makeover at Diary of a Preppy Mom.

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