Stenciled Pallet Clock

You never know what someone is going to think of to make from a pallet, these days.  At Flamingo Toes, Bev made a really neat looking wall clock from one.

Flamingo Toes pallet before

There are several things I like about this project.  One is that Bev kept the pallet intact but cut it into the shape of a circle.  I’d never thought of doing that!  Another thing I like is that along with making the clock, Bev actually made her own stencil to decorate the face of this clock.  Her method is ingenious, and she offers a detailed tutorial on it.  The finished clock is beautiful, and I’m sure it will be a conversation piece.

Flamingo Toes pallet after

You can read all about how Bev made this clock from a pallet at Flamingo Toes.

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