Scrap Wood Welcome Sign

Sara of Thrifty Treasures has a front porch that is too small for furniture.  She needed something to add a little visual interest to it, so she’d been looking out for a 4×4 she could use to make a decorative post.  When that didn’t turn up Sara had to make due with something else.

Thrifty Treasures welcome sign before

Sara discovered an old rail post in her house.  It wasn’t the chunky 4×4 that she’d originally envisioned, but the curvy lines were interesting and lovely.  She also used some wood pieces that had once been the base to a standing mirror.  After a little action with hammer and nails, Sara soon had a cool post that can be used to hang a welcome sign.  It’s the perfect way to dress up her small porch, and I love those curves!

Thrifty Treasures welcome sign after

You can read more about this project at Thrifty Treasures.

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