Nautical Dresser Makeover

Deb of Lake Girl Paints had been watching for a piece of furniture that she could use to try painting something she’d been imagining for a while: a nautical compass motif.  So, when she spotted this big, green dresser on the side of the road, she felt like she’d been given a blank canvas!

Lake Girl Paints nautical dresser before

It took a lot of effort to get the dresser prepped and ready for that first coat of paint.  Eventually, Deb was able to give the dresser a worn, red patina that makes me think of a sailboat.  She perfected the nautical theme with a large, handpainted compass.  Deb is a talented artist, and I love the new look she gave this dresser.

Lake Girl Paints nautical dresser after

You can learn more about how Deb refinished this piece at Lake Girl Paints.

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