Mid-Century Mod Chair Update

Over at The Little Moments, Amy Jo tells how she acquired these cool chairs that have a mid-century modern vibe.  ” I drove around the corner and saw an estate sale in progress.   My car was already filled to the brim with the kids, so I drove past.  Amazingly, I was taking them to a play date.  I passed it again on the way back home, and decided to stop.”

The Little Moments chair update before

Amy Jo’s luck didn’t end there–at the estate sale, they let her take these chairs for free!  At home, she was a little nervous about giving chairs that might be valuable a complete makeover, so she searched the internet with the clues she had, trying to make sure they weren’t rare editions from a famous design house.  When nothing turned up, Amy Jo felt free to use paint and stencils to turn these chairs into something that would look great in her living room.  Now she has super comfortable occasional chairs with a pretty painted design that suits her home.

The Little Moments chair update after

Find out more about this chair update at The Little Moments.

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3 thoughts on “Mid-Century Mod Chair Update

  1. Yeah, I knew as soon as I saw the after picture what they were. : (
    But that is a pretty paint job and they are very difficult to restore once the plywood has started chipping.

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