“Love Is All You Need” Wood Sign

While perusing her local Re-Store, Jeanie from Create and Babble stumbled upon this “shabby, cracked, chippy” piece of scrap wood and absolutely loved it! Plus, at forty cents, the price wasn’t too shabby either!

weathered wood

Jeanie knew she wanted to turn the board into a subway sign of sorts and was inspired to add the saying “Love Is All You Need.” She painted it on with a vinyl stencil cut from her Cameo and then sanded down the lettering to make it look as old as her board. So simple yet so much character!


Read more at Create and Babble.

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7 thoughts on ““Love Is All You Need” Wood Sign

  1. This is the purest example of seeing past the obvious into the possible that I think Ive ever seen!!! What an approriate saying ! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I agree with Beth… this is striking in its simplicity and meaning!! I would never have seen the value in that board and it sure does remind us to look for the value in everything and everyone we meet.

  3. This is exactly my kind of art work. I am such a fan of old pieces of wood, things people throw in construction dumpsters, maybe where this one came from. I love the message, the two were made for each other.

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