Dining Chair Makeover

At Pandora’s Craft Box, Loren had dining room chairs that had been through a lot.  Along with being hand-me-downs, they’d been with Loren for seven years and they’ve been moved six times–three of those times out of state!  They’d taken a beating.

Pandora's Craft Box chair before

Luckily for Loren, her mother-in-law came to visit and gave Loren the courage she needed to give these chairs a complete makeover.  They ripped off the worn upholstery and touched up the wood stain.  Then they reupholstered the chairs with some gorgeous fabric.  The chairs were previously had a dull, neutral tan fabric on them, but Loren’s mother-in-law convinced her to try something much more colorful.  Loren (and I!) are so glad that she did.  The chairs turned out beautifully.

Pandora's Craft Box chair after

You can learn more about this reupholstery project at Pandora’s Craft Box.

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