Curbside Vanity Makeover

Leah at Dickey’s Decor is lucky that her co-workers know what makes her tick:  one of them texted her the address where this old vanity was sitting at the curb.  It was a while before Leah could make her way across town to find it, but it must have been meant to be, because this gorgeous, solid wood piece was still there waiting!

Dickey's Decor vanity before

At home, Leah had to really work to find a paint that they underlying finish wouldn’t leach through.  She settled on a warm gray.  She sanded the original knobs and vanity top and gave them a clear finish so that the beautiful mahogany could take center stage.  After refinishing the mirror and stool, Leah has a complete vanity set.  Didn’t she do a great job?

Dickey's Decor vanity after

You can read more about this refinishing project at Dickey’s Decor.

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