Cable Spool to Upholstered Stool

At The Shabby Creek Cottage, Gina’s husband works for a cable  company, so she has easy access to the leftover wooden cable spools.  She realized that the shape and height of the spools was just right for becoming a stool.

The Shabby Creek Cottage cable spool before

Gina totally got her green on with this project–starting with the upcycled cable spool and going on to reuse a cardboard box to build the sides of the stool.  She added some padding to soften things up, and then covered the stool in a gorgeous turquoise fabric.   Gina completely transformed a utiltarian throw-away into a beautiful and comfortable addition to her home.

The Shabby Creek Cottage cable spool after

You can view Gina’s detailed tutorial at The Shabby Creek Cottage.


  1. How cute is that?! She and the hubby are pretty amazing.


  2. My husband is in the Cable business as well and I have three of these in my garage, I can’t wait to transform them!

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