Budget Board from Hotel Art

At Posh Pink Giraffe, Becky is working on helping her family stay on top of their goal to save for an amazing summer vacation.  When she realized that her kids really paid attention to the activities that they posted on their family calendar board, she came up with this brilliant idea to help everyone be aware of the family budget.

Posh Pink Giraffe budget calendar

Becky started with a thrifted piece of artwork that probably hung in a hotel, at some point.  She painted the frame and flipped the art over, designing a handy budget board on the other side.  She explains, “The four categories that tend to go over budget are the ones featured on the budget board.  Each week, the receipts are reviewed and the money remaining is tabulated.”  Now, instead of the budget being tracked in a binder that sits on a shelf, the whole family can take ownership of the budget and work together to meet their savings goal.  Awesome!

Posh Pink Giraffe budget calendar after

You can learn more about Becky’s budget board at Posh Pink Giraffe.

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