Wicker Chair Makeover

Susan from Names On the Jersey Shore was walking her son to the bus stop one morning when she noticed that her neighbor had set these wicker chairs out for curbside trash pickup.  Other than a little wear and tear, they looked fine, so Susan picked them up before the garbage truck could.

Names on Jersey Shore wicker chairs before

Before painting, Susan found some cushions that she loved.  She tightened up some of the loose weave and then painted the chairs a bright shade of green to match the new cushions.  The chairs sitting on her porch are so fresh and fun that I bet Susan’s neighbor doesn’t even recognize them!

Names on Jersey Shore wicker chairs after

You can learn more about this makeover at Names On the Jersey Shore.

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5 thoughts on “Wicker Chair Makeover

  1. This is fab!!! How did you fix the loose wicker? & what paint did u use? I have a old wicker chair in my yard, looking to tranforn

  2. Hi everyone, thank you for the compliments! This past summer the husband would come over, sit in the chairs & say “i told her not to throw them out”

    The wicker wasn’t loose, the straps were, that is what I tightened. Where the wicker was rough I trimmed & sanded it lightly.



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