Thrifted Map Art

Over at Marty’s Musings, Marty has been loving all of the map art she’s been seeing on Pinterest.  Marty says that she deciced “To look for an old map when I was out yardsaling. Bingo! I found two maps for $1 each.”

Marty's Musings map & frame before

The maps weren’t framed, but luckily Marty has a stash of those in her attic.  She found one that was the right size and dressed up the plain-jane painted wood frame with some painting and staining techniques that made it look like vintage gold leaf.  It’s the perfect complement for the map of old Europe, and looks great hanging in Marty’s living room.

Marty's Musings map & frame after

You can read more about the frame transformation at Marty’s Musings.


  1. This is so cute! I’ve seen something similar at a craft fair for $100!

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