Pool Steps Repurposed

If you aren’t already feeling the effects of Spring Fever, here’s a project from Patricia of Second Chances that will kick it into full gear.  Patricia was with her mom when they spotted these old pool steps abandoned in an alley.  Mom saw the potential and convinced Patricia that they needed to drag the steps home.Second Chances pool stairs before

At home, they cleaned up the stairs and sprayed them with a fresh coat of bright, blue paint.  They put the steps outside and topped them with flowering plants in pretty pots.  The abandoned pool steps now have a new life as a colorful, tiered display for outdoor plants!

Second Chances pool stairs after

You can learn more about this project at Second Chances.

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4 thoughts on “Pool Steps Repurposed

  1. WOW! Now this is a piece of trash I would most likely pass up, but not now. If I come across some pool steps in a dumpster dive, I know what I am doing with them.

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