Old Chair Gets a New Look with Chevron

Anne of Because Home Should Be Great found this wobbly, old chair in the parking lot of her favorite thrift store.  Apparently, it was in such bad shape that the thrift store didn’t even want it!  She took it home and worked a little magic on it.

Because Home Should Be Great chair before

The biggest change was the reupholstered seat.  Anne found some great laminated cotton in a bright chevron stripe at the Country Living Fair.  She used that to make a pretty, new seat.  The fabric alone definitely took the chair from old and sad to retro-cool and happy!

Because Home Should Be Great chair after

Ann provides a detailed tutorial on how she reupholstered the seat of this chair at Because Home Should Be Great.


  1. Nice! I need to find me some laminated cotton for my kitchen chairs too! I love that bold chevron print!

  2. I would think a cheap vinyl tablecloth would work. Talk about a cheap roadkill rescue

  3. Cute!

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