My Roadkill Rescued Bathroom Cabinet

Hi, Everyone!  I want to tell you about a fun rescue I shared over at Infarrantly Creative, this week.  It’s my latest Roadkill Rescue challenge on Indy Style, the local lifestyle show I have been a part of for the last 18 months.  Viewer Jennifer submitted this worn out cabinet/dresser combo she had taking up room in her garage for a year and a half.  It was in pretty rough condition and it couldn’t be restored without some MAJOR work.

Infarrantly Creative bathroom cabinet before

I literally took the entire thing apart and pretty much just used the wood to create something new:  a bathroom cabinet.  I wanted to somehow use the feet because Jennifer really liked them but the back feet got damaged in the demolition part. Doh! So I flipped the feet upside down and used them to add architectural interest to the top.

Infarrantly Creative bathroom cabinet after

Another piece saved from the trash heap!  Roadkill Rescue RULES!  Click over to Infarrantly Creative to get more details on this project, including info about the pretty gray paint color.

RoadKill Rescue

2 thoughts on “My Roadkill Rescued Bathroom Cabinet

  1. So was part of the show you have to give the item back to the owner? That must be why I haven’t redone anything for someone else, I’d never want to part with the creations.


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