Children’s Table Makeover

If you have a table that’s just for the kids, then you have a pretty good idea of what those tables can look like after years of use:  scratched, dented, and topped with lots of happy scribbles!  That was about the shape this table was in when it was given to Karen of Redoux Interiors.

Redoux Interiors table before

Karen transformed the table with several colors of chalk paint and some creative paint techniques to get the look she wanted.  It was a complete overhaul!  I love the new look:  the combo of a moody, cloudy gray on top and a sunny yellow on the bottom is a perfect pairing.  I’m sure this table is going to enjoy it’s second life as a sophisticated coffee table.

Redoux Interiors table after

Karen offers some really great tips about different painting techniques that you can use to achieve a similar look at Redoux Interiors.

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