Carved Chair Makeover

At My Painted Stuff, Dee tells the story of how she acquired this chair.  A roadside find, she had just pulled over to pick it up when she saw another woman doing the same thing.  “Needless to say, I beat her to it. Sometimes you just want it more then the next guy,” Dee laughs.

My Painted Stuff carved chair before

Dee continues, “You could tell that someone was just driving to fast & lost this chair out of the back of their truck.  Poor baby had road rash & some fine hair line cracks. Nothing we couldn’t repair.”  Dee fixed her up with some minor repairs and a shabby chic finish.  Don’t you love the new seat?”

May Painted Stuff carved chair after

Check out the details of this makeover at My Painted Stuff.

RoadKill Rescue

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