Assemblage Art Angels

Kathy from Petticoat Junktion has shown us her amazing collection of vintage hardware before.  Let’s check in and see what her latest fun project is, using pieces from her collection.

Petticoat Junction hardware before

Here are her latest creatitons:  angels made from reclaimed wood and rusty junk hardware.  Aren’t those cool?  Kathy says, “I’ve been putting these Angels together for a few years now and when I find time to sit down and go through the crates of hardware I enjoy fitting the pieces together.”  Talk about an awesome hobby.

Petticoat Junction hardware after

You can see more examples of Kathy’s assemblage art at Petticoat Junktion.

RoadKill Rescue

5 thoughts on “Assemblage Art Angels

  1. I love your angels and trees!! I have been creating my junk angels for years and I love seeing your take on the same craft, and the junk you use. Some of mine I do on old boards and some I create from rulers. I come home from my walks with my pockets clanking, full of rusty finds. A potter in the antique mall I have a booth in makes tiny faces for necklaces and sometimes I use them for my angels’ faces. I am happy I found you! I had no idea about Roadkill Rescue. Junk on! Vicki

  2. I just realized I wrote on the wrong blog…it’s Kathy who makes the angels, right? I’m so cornfused! I’ll just copy and paste to her blog…thanks for leading me there! My goodness, I’m a mess tonight! Vicki

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