A Towel Rack from a Footboard

Laura of Finding Home has quite the story about this rescue.  While vacationing, she and her family were on a walk together.  Halfway through the walk, Laura spotted a footboard with gorgeous curves in a trash bin.  Much to her family’s embarrassment, she pulled the footboard out and carried it with her…along with one of the children and the family dog that got tired of walking!  At home after vacation, she turned that footboard into a towel rack.

Finding Home towel rack before

Recently, Laura decided that the towel rack was missing something.  After some thought, she realized with it’s straight top, the towel rack could be transformed into a shelf!  Marty added a ledge, which opened up a world of decorating possibilities.  Now she has a pretty towel rack and a shelf in her bathroom.

Finding Home towel rack after

You can check out the details of this project at Finding Home.

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