Country Rooster Makeover

This lamp makeover from Liz at Love Grows Wild has a cute story to go along with it.  When Liz moved into her husband’s farmhouse as a newlywed, he let her have free reign with the decorating and organizing.  With one exception:  Liz couldn’t get rid of the ugly rooster lamp made with love by her husband’s uncle.

Love Grows Wild rooster lamp before

“For 4 years I moved that black rooster lamp from table to table, hoping that it would suddenly match my decor and become a gorgeous, country-chic piece that everyone would be jealous of. I even painted it burgundy red to try to give it some new life, but alas, it was still the ugly rooster lamp that I couldn’t get rid of,” Liz says.  Recently, Liz pulled out the paint and tried again, determined to make that rooster beautiful.  I think the distressed white finish and vintage French lettering worked, don’t you?

Love Grows Wild rooster lamp after

You can get more details on this miraculously lovely makeover at Love Grows Wild.

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