Thrifted Objects Become Holiday Collectibles

Kerryanne–who blogs at Shabby Art Boutique–points out, “Christmas decorating doesn’t have to be expensive!  Sometimes you just have to look outside the box and repurpose thrifted objects.”  She demonstrates just how she does that with her own thrift finds, starting with this wooden plate that rang in at a whopping 88 cents.

Putting her artistic talents to work, Kerryanne painted a completely adorable snowman onto the plate.  Paired with another thrifted item, the two wooden objects together make a perfect plate stand!  Kerryanne obviously has some serious talent, but even those who aren’t blessed with that kind of artistic ability could take a cue from her to look at thrifted items a little more creatively.


Check out Kerryanne’s tips for prepping painted objects for a long, useful life ahead at Shabby Art Boutique.

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