Mum Basket Makeover

Lauren at The Endearing Home was saving the wood baskets that her fall chrysanthemums came in to use next year, until she came up with a way to upcycle them into something cute for her home.  She tried painting one, but that didn’t work out too well.  Lauren tells us, “I thought about how these baskets were a little flimsy and it would be nice to make it a bit more sturdy  while covering up the bad paint choice.”

The Endearing Home basket before

That’s how Lauren came up with the idea to wrap rope around one of the baskets.  The rope totally gave the basket the bit of sturdiness and the cover-up it needed.  The addition of a liner and some fabric flowers completed the transformation.  It looks like an entirely different basket!

The Endearing Home basket after

You can read more about this project at The Endearing Home.

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