Lamp Makeover from Wine Corks

A lot of reusing and recycling went into this lamp makeover by Shannon from Madigan Made.   It started with a lamp that she already had that wasn’t old, just a bit boring.  To give that lamp a little life, Shannon collected over 185 wine corks from friends, family, and even some local restaurants!

The addition of corks to the lamps helped to give it more of an organic look similar to bamboo.  Since Shannon already had a few bamboo elements in the room this lamp is in, she felt that this would help it to blend into the room without looking matchy-matchy.  I love the quirkiness and pretty blue color of this lamp.  It’s a lot of fun!

Shannon has a detailed tutorial on how she glued the corks to the lamp base over at Madigan Made.

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  1. I’m new to your site and just want to tell how much I’m enjoying it! You are creative and brilliant. Thanks for what you do!

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