Christmas Village Makeover

Shannon at Fox Hollow Cottage discovered this little church–part of a Christmas village–at Goodwill.  She was willing to shell out $1.50 for it, know that there was a way to give it a facelift.

Fox Hollow Cottage church before

At home, Shannon painted over the faded paint job with a fresh, solid coat of white.  With the addition of some glitter, now the church looks like it’s covered in sparkling snow!  Shannon mentioned that she hopes to find other village buildings that she can transform in a similar fashion to build her collection.  Isn’t that a great idea?

Fox Hollow Cottage church after

You can learn more about how Shannon gave this church a makeover at Fox Hollow Cottage.


  1. That is a fantastic idea, I’ll be on the look out all garage sale season for some to transform.


  2. Thanks bunches for sharing my little Goodwill makeover! These are so easy and fun to do. I found three more pieces to add to the church this year :) Hope your readers liked the idea.

    Happy Holidays ~ Shannon

  3. Try the dollar store. I got a village there, and painted them black and added some glitter paint for a haunted village at Halloween!

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