Finial Stemmed Pumpkins

Here’s a nifty idea for fall decor using upcycled drapery finials from Jeanette at Homa Style.  She brought home some pumpkins/gourds this fall.  None of the three had stems.  Jeanette decided it would be fun to top the pumpkins with her collection of finials.

Not sure what a finial is?  It’s the decorative end cap on a drapery rod.  And guess what?  They look great as faux pumpkin stems, too!  This is a fun way to add a bit of unexpected whimsy to a fall vignette.

You can see all the steps Jeanette took to achieve this fun look at Homa Style.



  1. Becky, thanks for post my finial pumpkins! They are unique!

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