Cookie Cutter Artwork

Jess, from A Smith of All Trades, tells about how some pre-holiday organizing piad off:  “We were going through old cookie cutters last year to donate the ones we never use anymore, when my mom found a set that belonged to her mom. They never got used anymore, but she couldn’t part with them.”

Smart Jess took them and turned them into super cute art for her kitchen that she displays proudly at Christmas.  It’s very cute, and even reminds me of some of my own mom’s cookie cutters!

You can see how Jess made this neat project at A Smith of All Trades.

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3 thoughts on “Cookie Cutter Artwork

  1. Sorry this comment is almost a year late. :)

    My mom found me some incredible vintage cookie cutters. I have been trying to find a nice way to display them in my “Cookie/Hobby Room”. This is PERFECT! Thank you for the idea!!

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