Barstool Becomes Table

At Angie Gets Crafty, Angie was in need of a small table to put near her front door that would serve as a place to drop essentials like keys and work badges.  When she couldn’t find something affordable at the store, Angie “shopped” her dad’s house, where she found a weather beaten barstool that was just the right shape and size.

The stool required quite a bit of TLC…and bleach…to clean it up.  Once clean, Angie gave it a coat of glossy black paint and added granite shelves to transform it into a beautiful occasional table that perfectly suited her needs.  I’m so impressed that Angie thought to add those shelves–they really make the difference when it comes to this stool becoming a table.

You can get more info on this makeover at Angie Gets Crafty.


  1. Thanks for the feature. I am so happy with it and it fits perfectly.

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