Free Christmas Tree Ornaments

It never ceases to amaze me what kinds of trash can be turned into treasures by imaginative people.  Take Kimberly, from Seredipity Refined, for example.  After a recent windstorm, she saw sticks and twigs scattered on the ground in her neighborhood, and thought, “These would make great Christmas tree ornaments!”

Are you seeing it?  Me either.  But Kimberly definitely could.  With some glue and glitter, it wasn’t long before Kimberly had turned simple sticks into stunning ornaments for her Christmas tree.  Aren’t they beautiful?  They remind me of the way trees sparkle in the sun after a hard frost or ice storm.  Amazing!

You can find out how to make similar ornaments at Serendipity Refined.

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2 thoughts on “Free Christmas Tree Ornaments

  1. I remember once years ago, my nephews cut the spines off honey locust trees, spray painted them with silver, copper, and gold spray paint and hung them with fishing line then sold them as ornaments to raise money for buying Christmas presents. They were really cool. I recently found some honey locust trees on our property and plan to recreate these for my tree.

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