Doors Repurposed to Storage

This project, from Laura at House of Joyful Noise, started out with two things:  a pile of shoes and some old doors.  Laura’s busy family needed a place to corral the many pairs of shoes that were getting left beside the door.   She and her husband came up with the brilliant idea to use old doors to make a storage box that is both useful and beautiful.

The solid doors were sawed into halves and arranged into box shape.  They had great detail already, so no extra wood was necessary.  I love the way Laura used the old doorknobs from the doors as handy hooks for hanging coats and scarves.  The stencils on the distressed paint look so good, too!  It’s a beautiful transformation.

To read more about all the ideas and detail that went into the building of this storage bench, visit House of Joyful Noise.


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