Kitty Litter Cabinet

Lisa of Recaptured Charm had been waiting for a cabinet just like this one. A cabinet covered with cracks, warped, and filled with holes? Yep! That’s right! Lisa had plans for this cabinet that most would never think of.

Old cabinet to litterbox before

Lisa had me in suspense as to her mystery purpose for this cabinet all the way until the end of her post. At first, it looks just like an ordinary old cabinet. That is until you take a peek inside! When you have a cat, there is always that difficult question of where to keep the litter box, and this is such a creative solution!

Old cabinet to litterbox after

Check it out at Recaptured Charm.

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  1. Hi! I really enjoy reading your blog and seeing how creative people are. I’ve noticed though that you recently changed how it can be read on feeds. I have a lot of blogs I follow on google reader, but now I have to actually come to your website to read the whole blog post. It would be so much easier if you put it back to the way it was so I can be kept up to date without having to click on the link and wait for it to load each time. Thanks for considering and keep up the great blog!! :)

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