Dresser with Painted Flower

Karin from Art Is Beauty ended up with this… eh… beauty when her father-in-law brought it home from a dumpster for her. Obviously, he knew of Karin’s miracle-working abilities when it comes to castoff pieces of furniture because this dresser is looking rough to say the least!

lily dresser before

I am sure it goes without saying that it took a lot of scraping and sanding before the dresser was in paintable condition. Karin got it there though and then was inspired to add a lily to the front in honor of her wedding flower. Is Karin amazing or what?

dresser with painted lily

Find the details at Art Is Beauty.


  1. I like!

  2. WOW SHE IS A MIRACLE WORKER! That is an amazing transformation!

  3. That is an amazing transformation!

  4. Wow is right. I don’t know if I would have had it in me to tackle that one. Way to go!

  5. Karin does awesome work! This one really shows off her work. Most of us would have toss this dresser!

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