Chalkboard Spice Rack

Amy from Atta Girl Says was rummaging around at a yard sale when she saw this framed jaguar needlepoint sitting on a table. She walked away wondering who in the world would by it. Then a glimpse of the item from another angle had Amy scurrying over to stake her claim.


If you are curious about Amy’s abrupt change of heart, it was the realization that a very cool vintage spice rack was housed behind the needlepoint that made Amy so eager to bring it home. She gave it a facelift with some milk paint and replaced our feline friend with a chalkboard.


You will have to head over to Atta Girl Says to see the treasure inside!

RoadKill Rescue

3 thoughts on “Chalkboard Spice Rack

  1. I’m actually a little sad about the needlepoint. That took someone a long time to complete. I am hoping you incorporated it into a pillow or something. Love the chalkboard, of course.

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