Wood Slice Flowers

It’s always exciting when a discovery during one project inspires another. That’s exactly what happened when Marji of Ashbee Design was trimming down branches for her rustic grill screen and noticed the beauty of the thin wood slices.


Marji glued several slices together to create lovely woodland flowers. It seems fitting that she hung several on the grill screen since that’s where the magic happened. I love the simple, natural beauty of the wood slices and think they would also make a pretty vase filler. AshbeeDesignWoodFlower6

Find Marji’s flower tutorial at Ashbee Design.

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5 thoughts on “Wood Slice Flowers

  1. Hi there,

    Where could I buy some thin round wooden slices like the ones posted above, I am looking for some for a project I’m working on and can’t seem to find any anywhere.



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