Refinished Cabinet Nightstand

Kristen from Lipstick and Sawdust was on the lookout for the perfect nightstand to accompany the custom bed she was building for her guest bedroom. She found a vintage record player cabinet at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore for only $20 that fit just what she had in mind.

vintage record player cabinet

Kristen refinished the cabinet with an ebony stain and changed out the little lion pulls for crystal knobs. While sanding is not the most exciting task, it definitely pays off in the end. Just take a look at that silky smooth finish. You’d never know it was once covered in dings and scratches!

painted record cabinet

Find all the details at Lipstick and Sawdust.

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One thought on “Refinished Cabinet Nightstand

  1. It has another one hundred years of life left and it’s beautiful! Plus, you are saving a piece of our history. I have a beautiful oak commode, the kids thought it was a coffee table for years until I revealed what it once was…puzzled, they couldn’t wrap their minds around, how that was done. They asked, but how do you flush it? lol Love it! It is beautiful! Glad you saved it!

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