Paint and Wood Tone Dresser

Kimberly from Serendipity Refined was on her way home from the Goodwill when she spotted this dresser sitting curbside. Kim describes its condition as “darkly stained, having suffered the humiliation of sitting at the road for what was probably at least a week and of having the birds in the tree use him for a bathroom.” Not a pretty picture, huh?

curbside dresser

Despite its condition, the dresser came just in time, as Kimberly needed additional storage space for her craft studio. She refinished it to match a tall set of shelves that she actually set on top of the dresser. It looks like Kimberly’s studio, which is made up of all rescued pieces, is shaping up nicely.

refinished storage dresser 2

Head over to Serendipity Refined to find all the details.


  1. Thanks for the feature, girlfriend! I’m working on the table and chairs this week! xo, Kimberly

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