Orb Plant Stand

All you roadkill rescuing regulars know that it’s an addicting business. After completing her first rescue, Tammy from One More Time is at it again! She acquired these rusty wire plant stands and hanging baskets from her neighbor who had them sitting at the end of her driveway awaiting trash pickup.

trash to treasure wire plant stands

This was a transformation of the easiest kind. Tammy created an orb by placing two baskets together and set them atop one of the plant stands. She added a finial she had on hand that created another place for planting. Tammy loves that this planter allowed her to combine three separate plants from her patio into one place, and all for the low low price of free!

trash to treasure wire plant stands after

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One thought on “Orb Plant Stand

  1. Thanks for the info. I had wire plant stands for my plants in the front yard, but the birds kept poking at them. I decided I should get some kind of bird protector. Shortly after, when the birds were all gone, I realized that I liked the birds there. Sure they poked at my plants, but they weren’t really doing that much harm and if anything, they were eating the bugs that were attacking my plants.

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